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December 2014


Help Fight Hunger!

We are collecting food donations for the Alaska Food Bank!
Donate and receive one ticket per can, good towards drawing for prizes after the Holidays!



Congratulations to Michael Martinez on winning the Continuous Fighting Championships at the 2014 Pan-American Martial Arts Championships in Miami Florida! 


michaelMicheal Martinez, Okamoto's Karate black belt, won 1st Place in Continuous Sparring at the 2014 Panamerican Internationals in Miami, Florida. Go Michael!!!


Okamoto's Black Belt, Michael Martinez!
He won 1st place in Point Fighting and Continuous Sparring, while also picking up 2nd in Traditional Forms and 3rd in Weapons

at the NASKA AAAA Rated
Compete National Championship! The event was held February 21st — 23rd in Ontario, California.

Go, Michael!


TEam Photo 2013 Ocotober

Okamoto's Students Shine at 2013 IKA Kubota Karate Tournament!

Fairbanks, Alaska

October 26th, 2013

# Name Age Gender Belt Division Kata Kumite
1 William Anderson 5 Male Yellow Mixed Beginning 0-5 3rd 1st
2 Gavin Tibor 6 Male White Mixed Beginning 6/7 3rd 3rd
3 Natalie Pickett 6 Female Orange Mixed Beginning 6/7 1st 1st
4 Dariel Solis 7 Male Yellow Mixed Beginning 6/7 1st  
5 Hezekiah Levshakoff 7 Male White Mixed Beginning 6/7   2nd
6 Lyndsey Boomgaard 7 Female Orange Stripe Mixed Beginning 6/7   2nd
7 Nicholas Holder 6 Male Orange Stripe Mixed Beginning 6/7 2nd 3rd
8 Mason Miller 6 Male Orange Stripe Mixed Beginning 6/7    
9 Caleb Clark 7 Male White Mixed Beginning 6/7 2nd 1st
10 Mikayla Brown 8 Female Orange Stripe Mixed Beginning 8-10    
11 Angelina Grande 8 Female Yellow Mixed Beginning 8-10    
12 Jadyn Zemba 10 Female Orange Stripe Mixed Beginning 8-10    
13 Joseph Zemba 10 Male Orange Stripe Mixed Beginning 8-10 2nd 3rd
14 Logan Eldred 11 Male Yellow Boys Beginning 11-13   3rd
15 Zachary Wright 12 Male Orange Stripe Boys Beginning 11-13 1st 1st
16 Kristina Clark 33 Female Orange Women's Beginners 17 Up 1st 1st
17 Isabelle Eschenlohr 7 Female Purple Mixed Intermediate 6/7 2nd 3rd
18 Maleah Cepeda 7 Female Green Mixed Intermediate 6/7 1st 2nd
19 Joseph Clark 8 Male Purple Mixed intermediate 8-10 2nd  
20 Evan Konte 8 Male Green Mixed Intermediate 8-10 1st 1st
21 Eloise Milliman  8 Female Green Mixed Intermediate 8-10   2nd
22 Michael Bretzke 8 Male Purple Mixed Intermediate 8-10   3rd
23 Carlee Kraft 11 Female Blue Girls Intermediate 11-13 1st 2nd
24 Aaron Cohn 9 Male Brown Mixed Advanced 8-10 2nd 2nd
25 Malia Ogee 9 Female Red Mixed Advanced 8-10   3rd
26 Averyl Cobb 10 Female Red Mixed Advanced 8-10 4th  
27 Michael Martinez 13 Male Black Mixed Advanced 11-13 1st 1st
28 Yoshina Okamoto 17 Female Black Women's Black Belt 17 Up 1st  
29 Fred Manzano 28 Male Black Mixed Advanced 17 Up 4th 4th
30 Noel Sutton 44 Male Red Mixed Men over 40   1st

17 Gold, 12 Silver, and 5 Bronze Medals!

Way To Go!!! 


j o


Team Win Big at

2013 AAU Jr. Olympic  Games

Yoshina Okamoto, Michael Martinez, Maleah Cepeda, Evan Konte, Hunter Enslin, and Aaron Cohn will travel to Detroit later this month to represent Alaska in the 2013 Junior Olympic Games. They earned 10 medals in all with all students placing in the top three. The event features 18 sports and 15,000 athletes and is the largest youth sporting event in the United States.





Maleah Cepeda

6 Yr. Old Male Novice



Evan Konte

7 Yr. Old Male Novice



Hunter Enslen

11 Yr. Old Male Advance



Aaron Cohn                         

9 Yr Old Male Advance



Micheal Martinez

13 Yr Old Male Advance



Yoshina Okamoto

17-18 Female Advanced





us open 2013


Okamoto's Students Shine at the 2013 U.S. Open

Congratulations to Micheal Martinez, Courtney Karns, and Micah Karns for their outstanding performances at the U.S. Open, held this past weekend in Orlando, Florida. Micah won first in Men's Extreme Forms and Grand Champion runner up. Michael won first in forms and continuous fighting, and third in weapons, while Courtney won first in forms! They all represented Alaska and the dojo with great skill and sportsmanship!


micah 6


Micah Karns, Okamoto's Karate 2nd Degree Black Belt and top rated NASKA extreme forms competitor, has been invited to compete at the prestigious 2013 Red Bull Throw Down in Atlanta, in late August. He is one of only 16 competitors to be selected!


2014 AK Open Karate Championship...
Okamoto's Karate

wins a total of

78 Awards!

 33 - 1st    27 - 2nd    18 - 3rd



Micah defends title at 2013 AKA Warriors Cup Grand Nationals!

micah 2013 

Micah Karns, Okamoto's Karate 2nd Degree Black Belt, defended his men's title at the 2013 AKA Warrior's Cup Championships in Chicago, IL. on February 2nd! 



Madrid wins again!


Michael Madrid, Okamoto's Karate 2nd Degree Black Belt, won his MMA contest at the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas, February 9th! Madrid was the featured bout and won an unanimous decision over his opponent. He is now 4-0 since moving to Las Vegas and hopes to continue his success when he travels to Quebec for his next match in March.



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News and Notices...



December Testing Schedule

Physical Test

Anchorage & Eagle River Branches

@ Anchorage Dojo

1/10/14 - Sat.

9:15 AM - Tiny Tigers

10:15 AM – All Other Color Belt

Wasilla Dojo

1/08/14 - Thurs.

5:30 PM

Oral/Written Test

Anchorage & Wasilla Branches

1/6/14 – Tue.

4:00 PM

Eagle River Branch

1/2/14 – Thurs.

2:45 PM

Remember Sparring Gear Students – Purple and & higher

must bring their assisting books to testing.



Late Registration Fee


No Classes on testing dates!


Special thanks to ISKA/NASKA World Extreme forms champion and Okamoto's 2nd degree black belt, Micah Karns. He performed at the dojo and was featured on channel 13, 4, and 11!

Video Courtesy of CBS 11 News and KTVA

Micah Karns winning performance from the Warrior's Cup Final at the AKA Grands 2012, Chicago Il. He also won the Overall Men's  and Tournament Grand Championships! This is Micah's first tournament since turning 18 recently!


2011 U.S. Open Martial Arts Championship: Extreme Forms Performance
Click on the picture above to see the video.

Michael Madrid, an Okamoto's Karate black belt, won his first fight after moving to Las Vegas to pursue a professional career in MMA.  Watch his post fight interview by clicking on the picture below.  In the video, he mentions his training at Okamoto's and attributes his kicking to his years of karate training.  He is currently training with famed MMA legend, Wanderlei Silva.


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